holy moment

For T.E.O x

>Today as I narrowed and shaded my eyes and hung my melancholy head and thought
What now.
Your iridescent ship sailed
Sails billowing
Fanfare echoing
Flag raised
Purposefully and Steadfast
Into the choppy waters of these shores.

The mermaids were dancing on deck
It could only be you, my darling!
And you sang:
Holy,holy,holy moment my kin
Do not ever forget.

I almost did.

I almost ceded my soul to thinking
That I was the only one
Inhabiting an island of such immense solitude
And you threw the gangplank clack clack clack
And bid me
Run over!
Let’s break corks on bottles crotcheted in spider webs many moons!
Drink foam with me
It had been long and I had
Thirsted, so
For this oracle
The anchor of your voice
My strength
My warmth
My reason
I love you.


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