About that time I almost started something devious with a puritanical prick.

Dearest…I hope your values are hot bedfellows. And I am very relieved I never did give you those panties you asked for, after all…imagine asking for them back! Imagine you saying you’ll just chuck them out and me not believing that for a single second. It makes me cringe.


This heart of mine

A river runs through it

Runs deep.

And this hill I climb

It’s lead heavy, treacherous



If I could run to you

I would run.

You felt like home to me

When I’m undone.

I can’t stop obsessing over last night

You a cold gentle murmur

Me a fire-breathing fright.

It’s all a jumble in my head

All of your questions

All the stupid things I said and said.


You see my dear

I fear you came from thin air

And to that you’ll disappear.

I must wonder do you feel me

toxic obnoxious self-centered

Intrepidly vapid?


But here comes the hunter’s moon

And we both know that enchanted yellow ball means

Pretty soon…


This spell will be broken

And nothing unspoken

Granted another thought.

You’ll be back to your old familiar


I’ll be distraught.


Better to have loved and lost they say

Y yo se perder (volver, volver, volver….)*

Better to never love a man again say I

Menos mal **to not care.


Here I go dancing into my personal

earthy paradise

A burlesque artist, dusty poetatrix

Dive-bar chanteuse

freedom’s possibilities are endless.


And I do so love being free…


Yet already I yearn for the you

Come condensed a tiny time frame of my life

with magical universes

of delicious possibilities.



*Yo se perder – Spanish for ‘I know how to lose/I’m a good loser’. From the Song ‘Volver, volver, volver’ (Return)

**Menos mal – Spanish for ‘less bad’ or a lesser evil, if you will. These things always get lost – or diluted – during translation, alas.






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