Unrequited (A song for the boy wonder)

There’s so much of me that you’ll never know

Pieces of me I’ll never show

Your casual violence and intensity

All of our disparities

Break me.


When loneliness with her cold embrace

Plants frozen kisses on your face

Oh I long to light a fire in your heart

And breathe you in from end to start


But I’ll wait.


For someone more like me…



My complete surprise

Behind your shades

Those liquid eyes

Your fingers trembled

When our hands they touched

And I knew

I want you so very much

But these games we play


This go, no stay

The cruel about face

After the lushest embrace

Makes me lonely


For someone

who wants me…

Soul, mind and body

Someone more like me.


I’ll never be

What you think

You need from me

Remain unrequited



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